Security Vulnerability Update

Yesterday, I was made aware of a security vulnerability affecting many versions of Minecraft: Java Edition, both clients and servers included. I have recently added a patch to prevent this security issue from affecting all Java players that connect to the server.

However, if you do connect to other servers, you will need to update/modify your client using the steps linked below (this is important if you are using a third party launcher like Badlion or Lunar).

For more information about this vulnerability and how to fix it, please see the Twitter thread from slicedlime (tech lead for Java) here:, or the official Minecraft news post here:–security-vulnerability-java-edition.


1.18 Server Update Information

Minecraft 1.18 was released today, and the server should now support 1.18 client connections on both Java and Bedrock. The server will remain on 1.17.1 for now, since the server software for 1.18 isn’t available yet. This means that 1.18 features will not yet be available on the server, such as the new caves and terrain generation.

For those who do not decide to update immediately, Java players can continue to join on any 1.16.x or 1.17.x version. Bedrock players can continue to join on any version 1.17.30 and up.

We plan to update the server to 1.18 once the software becomes available and all our major plugins have been updated. We also plan to expand the border at some point after the update to generate new 1.18 chunks. More information about that will be posted later.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments, the Forums, or the Discord server.


1.17 Chunk Regeneration Complete

In order to generate new 1.17 blocks and items, yesterday, we have shrunk our border, deleted all unused chunks outside the border, regenerated all of those chunks, then restored the border to its previous size. You can expect to find these regenerated chunks by going farther out into the world, closer to the border past these coordinates:

Northern side: Past z-coordinate -4500

Southern side: Past z-coordinate 5600

Western side: Past x-coordinate -5750

Eastern side: Past x-coordinate 5900

In addition, we have reset the End, not including the center island and existing enderman farms.

You can view our map by clicking here.

Besides the few plugins that need to be replaced or updated, this completes the server’s 1.17 update process.

Important update regarding the grave system

Since we recently updated the server to 1.17.1, our grave system is not working at this time. We are still waiting for the plugin developer to update it to 1.17. Due to this, when a player dies, a grave will not be spawned, and the inventory will instead be dropped at the death location with the vanilla despawn rate of 5 minutes (when the chunk is loaded). I apologize for the inconvenience.

Updated 1.17 Server Update Information

The Java Edition has recently updated to 1.17.1, and the server should now support 1.17.1 client connections. However, the server is still on 1.16.5. Java players can continue to join on any currently released 1.16.x or 1.17.x version.

We will be updating the server to 1.17 within the next 1-2 weeks, after testing concludes and shows that it is safe to update. The server software developers have notified us that the software at the current state may be ready for production use. We still have to test plugins, although most, if not all, the common plugins we use have already updated.

We will also be resizing the border to generate new 1.17 chunks. More information about that will be announced later.

Any questions can be left in the comments, the Forums, or the Discord server.

1.17 Server Update Information

As some of you may know, Minecraft 1.17 is set to release on June 8, 2021 for both the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The server will be able to support 1.17 client connections as soon as the software we use, Geyser and ViaVersion, are updated to support it. This will likely happen on the same day as the 1.17 release as they already have beta versions of their software working with the betas and snapshots.

However, although the server will support 1.17 clients on day one via third-party software, we will not be updating immediately to 1.17 natively. That means that any new features and additions in 1.17 will not be present on release day. This is due to the server software we use, Purpur, which has to pull the new features from upstream first. This process can range from a few days to a couple weeks. In addition to that, the plugins used on the server have to be tested on the new version first to update, replace, or remove incompatible plugins. We will be updating the server natively to 1.17 as soon as it is safe to do so.

We as a staff team will also be discussing what changes need to be made for the 1.17 update.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

New map

Updated map interface

The server map is being updated with a new, more modern interface. It is easier to use, especially with mobile devices, and is easier to read. Additionally, it is more performant as it loads the map even faster than before.

Old map
The old map.
The new map.

Please be patient as this new map rolls out across our CDN. You may not see it immediately. This new map rollout may take a few hours. Please provide feedback in the comments, on the Forums, or on the Discord.

Decreased loading times for Bedrock Edition users

For players on Bedrock Edition, the loading times during the “Loading Resources” screen should now be much shorter when joining the world. In addition, when downloading the resource packs for the server, the download times and the data it uses should now be cut by up to 80%. I’ve removed a 43 MB pack and replaced it with an 8 MB pack, which will not only save time, data, and storage, but it should also reduce the chances of crashing on lower-end devices like the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.