Server Rules

(Updated November 21, 2020)

Survival Server Rules and Guidelines

1. No griefing (even outside of claims)

2. No stealing resources from others (unless found in graves outside claims)

3. Respect other players and their property (even if not claimed). You cannot trespass or block the entry/exits

4. Your properties must be claimed (unless you want them to be destroyed by other players)

5. Do not kill villagers or destroy any naturally generated areas and structures of public interest.

6. Do not cause trouble or be annoying

7. Obey and respect server administrators

8. PvP is not allowed while within a claim

9. No use of clients and programs designed to gain an unfair advantage (x-rays, KillAura, etc.)

10. Do not disclose the server IP to large groups (i.e. big Discord servers)

11. Do not abuse the land claim system. Claims can border another claim, but cannot block the exit of another. If it is determined by admin that a claim interferes with another or is located in an area that may not be appropriate for land claiming (expansion issues, too close to a public interest area, interferes with normal gameplay, etc), the claim may be deleted. Claims must be reasonably placed and sized.

12. Do not claim public areas. This includes claiming any rare, naturally generated areas and structures of public interest (with the exception of villages)

These rules may change at any time.

Please contact Kooldude183 to request an exception.

Legal Stuff

By connecting to the server, you agree to let the server collect information such as your IP address for moderation and analytics purposes.