Kooldude183 Gaming Survival Server

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Java and Bedrock Cross-Compatible

The server works on both the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition, enabling cross-platform play between the two editions. Most Java recipes and mechanics like the combat cooldown, mob spawning, and redstone will work on the Bedrock Edition.

Play on any Java or Bedrock supported device, such as your phone, PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

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Land Claiming & Anti-Griefing

With the GriefPrevention plugin, you can claim your land and property and ensure that it will be protected from all forms of grief. Login at least once every 60 days so that your land will continue to be protected.

You can also view claims on the server map.

Learn more about land claiming

No World Resets

You can ensure that all your builds will remain for as long as you're active, as we will never reset the world, even for major updates.

For major updates, we will simply extend the border of the world to generate fresh new chunks.

Rail & Trading Network

Use the rail line for transportation between places. We are also planning on expanding the rail line to other places.

You can also create your own local shops for trading with other players.

Learn more about creating shops

Active Community

Over 550 people have joined the server since its launch on August 27, 2020.

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IP: mc.kdgaming.net

Java 1.18.0-1.19.0/Bedrock 1.19.0-1.19.10