World Download

World download is available for both Java and Bedrock. Select your platform, and the download will initiate. These downloads will be available until December 1, 2023.

Java (1.19.4+):

Bedrock (1.20.10+):

Note: For the Bedrock Edition save, due to save data being formatted for Java Edition and differences in Java/Bedrock user identifiers, entities are not transferred over as well as player-specific data such as progress, inventory, and Ender Chests.

Java Download Instructions

1. Download and extract the file.

2. In the extracted folder should contain two folders: smp and Creative. Copy one or both of these folders, depending on which worlds you would like to import.

3. In the File Explorer window, type %appdata%.

4. Go to .minecraft > saves.

5. Paste the copied folder(s) from Step 2 into the saves folder.

Bedrock Download Instructions

1. Download and open the smp.mcworld or creative.mcworld file.