Server Now Running on 1.18.1

The server has been updated natively to 1.18.1! That means you can now experience all 1.18 features on the server, including the new caves & cliffs generation, extended world height, blocks, items, mobs, etc. on both Java and Bedrock Edition.

We have also adjusted the world border to generate new 1.18 chunks. Unused chunks around the perimeter of the old border were regenerated in the following areas:

Northern side: Past z-coordinate -4800
Southern side: Past z-coordinate 5600
Western side: Past x-coordinate -5800
Eastern side: Past x-coordinate 5900

We may expand the world border as needed in the future.

All of our important plugins are working correctly. However, if you notice any issues, please report them on the Discord. Some parts of the server map may not be updated yet for the new chunks.

Due to the breaking changes introduced in 1.18, we will no longer be supporting versions older than 1.18.0 on Java Edition and versions older than 1.17.30 on Bedrock Edition. These older versions do not contain the new, major changes such as extended world height, so it was best to stop supporting them as it would hinder the experience.

As older chunks are converted from <1.17 to 1.18, you may notice occasional lag spikes since the server has to process these chunk conversions.

In addition to this, graves and shops are now working once again! Graves have changed a bit; you’ll notice some minor changes to graves, however, the process is still the same. Use /graves to view and teleport to your graves, shift + right-click to instantly grab your items without opening your grave.


1.18 Server Update Information

Minecraft 1.18 was released today, and the server should now support 1.18 client connections on both Java and Bedrock. The server will remain on 1.17.1 for now, since the server software for 1.18 isn’t available yet. This means that 1.18 features will not yet be available on the server, such as the new caves and terrain generation.

For those who do not decide to update immediately, Java players can continue to join on any 1.16.x or 1.17.x version. Bedrock players can continue to join on any version 1.17.30 and up.

We plan to update the server to 1.18 once the software becomes available and all our major plugins have been updated. We also plan to expand the border at some point after the update to generate new 1.18 chunks. More information about that will be posted later.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments, the Forums, or the Discord server.