1.17 Chunk Regeneration Complete

Last Updated on January 15, 2022 by Kooldude183

In order to generate new 1.17 blocks and items, yesterday, we have shrunk our border, deleted all unused chunks outside the border, regenerated all of those chunks, then restored the border to its previous size. You can expect to find these regenerated chunks by going farther out into the world, closer to the border past these coordinates:

Northern side: Past z-coordinate -4500

Southern side: Past z-coordinate 5600

Western side: Past x-coordinate -5750

Eastern side: Past x-coordinate 5900

In addition, we have reset the End, not including the center island and existing enderman farms.

You can view our map by clicking here.

Besides the few plugins that need to be replaced or updated, this completes the server’s 1.17 update process.

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