Server Now Running on 1.18.1

The server has been updated natively to 1.18.1! That means you can now experience all 1.18 features on the server, including the new caves & cliffs generation, extended world height, blocks, items, mobs, etc. on both Java and Bedrock Edition.

We have also adjusted the world border to generate new 1.18 chunks. Unused chunks around the perimeter of the old border were regenerated in the following areas:

Northern side: Past z-coordinate -4800
Southern side: Past z-coordinate 5600
Western side: Past x-coordinate -5800
Eastern side: Past x-coordinate 5900

We may expand the world border as needed in the future.

All of our important plugins are working correctly. However, if you notice any issues, please report them on the Discord. Some parts of the server map may not be updated yet for the new chunks.

Due to the breaking changes introduced in 1.18, we will no longer be supporting versions older than 1.18.0 on Java Edition and versions older than 1.17.30 on Bedrock Edition. These older versions do not contain the new, major changes such as extended world height, so it was best to stop supporting them as it would hinder the experience.

As older chunks are converted from <1.17 to 1.18, you may notice occasional lag spikes since the server has to process these chunk conversions.

In addition to this, graves and shops are now working once again! Graves have changed a bit; you’ll notice some minor changes to graves, however, the process is still the same. Use /graves to view and teleport to your graves, shift + right-click to instantly grab your items without opening your grave.


Security Vulnerability Update

Yesterday, I was made aware of a security vulnerability affecting many versions of Minecraft: Java Edition, both clients and servers included. I have recently added a patch to prevent this security issue from affecting all Java players that connect to the server.

However, if you do connect to other servers, you will need to update/modify your client using the steps linked below (this is important if you are using a third party launcher like Badlion or Lunar).

For more information about this vulnerability and how to fix it, please see the Twitter thread from slicedlime (tech lead for Java) here:, or the official Minecraft news post here:–security-vulnerability-java-edition.


1.18 Server Update Information

Minecraft 1.18 was released today, and the server should now support 1.18 client connections on both Java and Bedrock. The server will remain on 1.17.1 for now, since the server software for 1.18 isn’t available yet. This means that 1.18 features will not yet be available on the server, such as the new caves and terrain generation.

For those who do not decide to update immediately, Java players can continue to join on any 1.16.x or 1.17.x version. Bedrock players can continue to join on any version 1.17.30 and up.

We plan to update the server to 1.18 once the software becomes available and all our major plugins have been updated. We also plan to expand the border at some point after the update to generate new 1.18 chunks. More information about that will be posted later.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments, the Forums, or the Discord server.


Server Now Running on 1.17.1

The server has been updated natively to 1.17.1! That means you can now experience all 1.17 features on the server, including the new blocks, items, and mobs, on both the Java and Bedrock Edition.

Because of this update, we will be adjusting the world border at some point within the next few days to generate new 1.17 chunks. Stay tuned for that.

Regarding plugin compatibility, about 95% of our plugins seem to be starting up correctly, with the ones that aren’t starting up not being as important to the overall server experience. However, some issues with the plugins may arise in-game. If you notice these issues, please report them on the Discord. One issue I’ve seen so far is the custom image maps failing to render, which the plugin developer is already working on.

Regarding compatibility with older client versions, the server will continue to support any Java 1.16.x version for now, along with any 1.17 version up to 1.17.1. Bedrock users can join on any 1.17 version up to 1.17.10.

Due to the server having to convert chunks from 1.16 to 1.17 as players load them in, you may notice occasional lag spikes since the server has to process these chunk conversions.

For any questions, you can comment below or talk to us on the Discord.

How to Use Chest Shops

We’re transitioning the economy from using the global shop to using physical chest shops. Chest shops allow users to create their own shops and sell any item they want at any price. This will help form a fully player-based economy. Here are the basics and steps to help get you started with using chest shops.

Finding Shops

Looking for a specific item? You can use the find command to find shops that sell that item: /shop find [item id].

Typing in /shop find stal gives a list of shops that sell the Stal music disc.
Buying Items from Shops

A chest shop contains a sign that displays the seller, what they’re selling, how much of that item is available, and the price. If you left-click/hit the chest, it will present more information about that shop. You can buy items from shops that display “Selling” on the sign (because the shops are selling items). Buying items from these shops is easy. The steps are as follows:

  1. Hit the shop’s chest (left-click, long press, or right trigger, depending on what platform you’re on).
  2. In the chat, enter how much of that item you would like to buy (or “all” to buy as many as possible).
  3. The item(s) will show up in your inventory.
Left-clicking on the chest shop presents more information about the shop.
After purchasing the item.
Creating Your Own Shops

You can trade items with other players by creating your own chest shops. Currently, sellers receive 100% of the amount the buyer pays due to sales taxes being paused at this time. To be able to create a shop, the player will need to have at least Container Trust access if creating a shop within a claim. The steps to create shops are as follows:

  1. Hold the item you want to trade in your hand.
  2. Hit the chest which you want to create a shop with (left-click, long press, or right trigger, depending on what platform you’re on).
  3. In the chat, enter the trading price you would like the consumer to pay for a quantity of 1x of that item.
  4. After creating the shop, open the chest, and add the items that you are trading. Be sure you do add the items, or no one will be able to trade anything with that shop.
Creating a shop will create a sign in front of the chest displaying the shop info and will also create a hologram of the item being traded.

If you don’t have the item available in your inventory (like if you’re creating the shop in “Buying” mode), you can instead use /shop create [price] [item].

Selling Items to Shops

Instead of selling items, some shops are looking to buy items. These shops display “Buying” on the sign. These shops are similar to ones that sell items, but instead of paying money to receive items from the shop, the player instead receives money by trading a certain item with the shop, hence the shop is buying the items. The process is similar, however, the player that is interacting with the shop must have the item being traded available in their inventory.

An example of a shop that is buying items.
Adding Staff Members to a Shop

Adding staff members to your shop allows them to open your chests (like for managing stock), set/change the trading price, and toggle between buying and selling mode. However, they won’t be able to delete your shop or earn money from its sales. To add a player as a staff member, look at your shop and use /shop staff add [player]. To remove staff members, use /shop staff remove [player]. To remove all staff members, use /shop staff clear.

Hopefully this helps you get familiar with using physical chest shops as we transition away from the global shop. For more commands and details, check out the Player Shops section of the Info page. For any questions or comments, you can ask us on the survival server, in the comments, on the Forums, or on the Discord.