Important changes to the global shop, economy, and player balances

Last Updated on June 22, 2021 by Kooldude183

In our efforts to keep the economy fair and balanced for all members of the server, the server staff has made the decision to remove the global shop (using the /shop command), including the ability to buy and sell items on the global shop, starting April 20th, 2021. We feel that this change is necessary in order for the economy to fully switch to using physical chest shops for trading items while also retaining the vanilla survival experience.

In addition to this change, due to past abuse, players will have a one-time deduction of a certain percentage of their account balance based on a curve that will occur within 7 days of this change. This will help make the economy more fair for everyone.

If you aren’t already familiar with how to use physical chest shops, click here to go to the Shops section of the Info page for more information on how to create and trade with physical chest shops. You can also use /qs find [item id] to find items you are looking for. This will be our primary system of trading going forward, replacing the global shop system.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, you may ask us on the Discord server or in the comments.


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